OCT, the music project by singer and musician Lars Göllnitz from Cologne/Germany, has teamed up with French-German singer and actress Katrin Kaspar for a new set of songs. Kicking off the musical and visual project with three all new tracks – especially written for OCT & KASPAR. The set includes electro pop songs

Les Mots Riqués (In The Corner Of A Sin),” Count Me In” and “Undenied.”

All of them are written, recorded and produced by OCT & KASPAR and include English as well as French vocals by Lars and Katrin.

“‘Undenied’ lyrically channels our conversation at our first meeting in a rainy Berlin summer night,” says Lars of OCT. “All songs are about light and darkness – with a rather cinematic and moody approach. For me as a songwriter it is quite broadening to have someone mirroring and expanding what I’m doing. It is a quite collaborative and international project.

I like the mixture of English and French, with the latter being my mother tongue… I really appreciate the melancholic note in our songs within the message – that there is always light in the black. The light is in us or we find it in what surrounds us,” says Katrin Kaspar. “These are songs that give me hope that I also hope to be able to give to the listeners. This is what we also looked for by visualizing the songs with photos and video.

The three songs will be accompanied by various (live-)videos and visual content and are released in August/September 2017. Live dates can be announced in the near future.

OCT has released its first two sets of songs “NOTES” and “FURTHER NOTES” in 2016. Four songs, such as “Mad Move Fire Proof” and “Hey Now,” were played on radio nation-wide.

Katrin Kaspar is an actress for stage and film, currently located in Berlin. She’s the singer of French-Pop-Group Cléo.


“NOTES” is the latest set of songs by the band /OCT/ – a music project by singer and musician Lars Göllnitz.

The two sets of songs “NOTES” and the follow-up “FURTHER NOTES” include 14 songs in total. Released in early 2016 and October 2016 both sets rely on the same musical and emotional mind frame. While the band’s musical focus is “electronic folk pop rock,” as Lars says. This set of songs has a stronger hint of hand played electronic music.

Both sets were written, produced, recorded and mixed in 2014 and 2015, While “FURTHER NOTES” is an update to the first set.

“NOTES” (with links to stream the full songs):

In A Beat Aligned
Hands Down Home
The Ways Of Rivers
Open Wide
Mad Move Fire Proof
Pillow Hill
And hidden track: Feminin Sky [Live One Take Acoustic Performance]

It’s a collection of songs about the heavy things in life. The good and the bad. About love, relationships, pain and joy. All the things that are heavy to keep or to cope with. The elephant on the cover is a symbol for the heavy things,” says Lars.

“FURTHER NOTES” (with links to stream the full songs):

Soul Defence
A Riot’s Been Done
Minimal Light
Me And The Moon
Hey Now

I guess I had to get that out of my heart and soul before I can move on to something new,” says Lars. “NOTES was a starting point in so many ways. And I want to move on. So FURTHER NOTES in many ways represents a positive start. The light at the end of the tunnel. The breaking through sun.”

Speaking about the music in general: “For me it took a while to get it right. Musical identity is quite hard sometimes. But now it’s time to put the notes on the walls – or on the internet,” says Lars of /OCT/.

All of the set’s tracks are accompanied by videos available via youtube – including the official video to “Pillow Hill.”

All songs are also streamed in part at /OCT/’s SoundCloud.

A 2016 remix of “Mad Move Fire Proof,” labeled [D’Dorf Version] is available as a free download here.

Alternate version of “Hands Down Home,” labeled [Vocals Version].

Acoustic live recordings of “Mad Move Fire Proof,” “In A Beat Aligned,” “Open Wide” and “The Ways Of Rivers.”

Short studio documentary video.

Track by track interview about “NOTES” with Lars.

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